Air Charter Service

With our service you will have total flexibility and convenience to fly whenever you want. We can charter private jets, cargo crafts and even helicopters.

Air Freight

We offer a valuable time coordinating air freight service for time sensitive shipment to anywhere around the world. We understand that most air freight cargo are time crucial and here's where we have developed our edge in being able to handle any kind of cargo. From time sensitive cargo to hazardous cargo we have a solution for a fast and on time delivery. Reach out to us for a free consultation with one of our in house agents.

Ocean Freight logistics

If you are in the importing/exporting business then we can definitely be of service to you. We will handle everything for you including booking spaces on containers, forwarding your cargo and constantly communicating with all the agents in play.

We have a tracking system that ensures you are always up to date with whats going on, where your shipment is at the moment.

Project Cargo (Heavy Lift)

We provide logistics and engineering expertise when it comes to moving project cargo, both locally and internationally. Our dedicated operations team will innovatively provide solutions for moving your project cargo and executing the whole project from start to finish.
Our specialized service will handle :- - Complete overview of the project and project handling.
- Selection of reliable heavy cargo transporters.
- Identifying, surveying and planing the best routes to navigate.
- Custom clearance.
- Final delivery stage with complete closing report.

Warehousing (Free & Bonded)

While it is absolutely your choice to store your goods anywhere you see fit, but you may realize that most warehouses luck the proper security or exhibits conditions that may result in your goods getting damaged. Since we are in the industry we can identify the best warehouses that we have a proven record of working with.

Intermodal Rail / Road Distribution

Our professionals understand that every project presents a unique challenge. During each planning, your cargo is matched to the right mode of transport and the suitable vehicle. Given our experience we are able to anticipate and handle any challenges that usually arise during the lifetime of the project.

Customs Clearance

Our customs clearance service involves the preparation and submission of all required documentation to facilitate exports or imports into the country. Our representative will be present during customs examinations, assessment and payment of duty saving you the time to focus more on your business. After clearance we can also deliver your cargo with all the documents. If you need any kind of information please reach us, through the section on the right. We will be happy to answer all your questions and looking forward to working with you.

Transit Cargo Handling
If your cargo has to pass through certain countries before reaching its destinations, there may be a need for managing what route and mode the shipment should take. We have an extensive network of partner agents in all major ports of the world that enable us to carry out smooth transit cargo logistics services to our clients.