Martric Logistics is a privately owned limited liability company incorporated and duly registered under the Companies Act (Cap 486) of the Laws of Kenya with the certificate of incorporation number being PVT – V7U3ZZD. The need to prioritize core activities, as prompted by today's dynamic and competitive business environment, has necessitated the stronger need to outsource non-core functions to third party specialized and experienced firms.

Martric Logistics is a company that specializes in provision of logistics solutions, where we transport cargo and process documents on behalf of our customers and ensure effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.


We are committed to providing efficient, easily accessible logistics services with the highest standard and promoting excellence to our cherished customers.


To become a leading logistics solutions company in East Africa by satisfying our customer's needs through ensuring our services are to the highest international standards.

To uphold principles of professional conduct, honor and goodwill that faster harmony with the customers and business partners alike.
To be responsible and accountable as we provide high quality services.
To empower our employees to meet their goals in life


Martric Logistics values are the foundation of its vision and the essence of its philosophy for achieving success. They are the bedrock of the business' corporate culture. These values provide the business with a sense of common direction and guidelines for day-to-day behavior. The values relate to the services, customers and shareholders.

Delivering values to customers by:-
i) Building strong, profitable and flexible relationships with customer and ensuring consistency and reliability of the decisions made at all times.
ii) Ensuring that customers obtain "value" by offering a range of high quality services at an affordable price.
iii) Delivering value to employees by recruiting, training and retaining the best.

Our Approach in Delivering Services

To be able to embrace accountability to service delivery, Martric Logistics Limited has integrated a tracking system that enables its clients to establish at any point in time the status of their delivery. Our systems are user friendly and ours staff will prioritize of enabling clients to have accurate information. This way, we ensure that we exercise accountability through transparency and good planning processes. This is supported by technology driven and modern communication network.

Network and Membership

We have a large network of international accredited agents who have undergone an elaborate accreditation process aimed at ensuring that service delivery outcomes are homogenous and up to the targeted standards, we are accredited members of Kenya International Freight and Warehouse Association.

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